Hare line
Current Hareline:
When: 11.11.2018 @2:45 pm
Where: S Grunewald
Hare: Just George & Just Bogdan
Further information:
This week we have joint forces of our newest "Justs" additions. We are promised an awesome trail with beer stop, beautiful weather and scenery. This going to be an A to B run and the OnIn will be at Just George’s house where we will have loads of Glühwein and BBQ promised. So don't miss out on this awesome trail. The Hash car will bring all stuff (including your sex toys and dirty underwear) to B. Hares: Just Bogdan & Just George Where: S Grunewald What type of trail: A to B (at Just George's house) When: Sunday 11.11.18 @ 2:45pm/14.45 sharp
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