Hare line
Current Hareline:
When: 28.07.2019 @3:45 pm
Where: S/U Westhafen (exit U Westhafenstr.)
Hare: F7 and Ringpiece
Further information:
HHHi fellow Harriets and Hashers, We finally left the 70s behind us and and now entring the 1980s with our run next Sunday. So let's celebrate the this decade with a 80s themed run.. Get out your most ridiculous 80s sports outfit and lets see who can can beat this: https://i.pinimg.com/originals/36/b6/90/36b69092734893a513aa3e51ba11d8e5.jpg . There will be a Runners, be prepared to get wet, and a Walkers trail including a swim stop and a fancy drink stop. So you got pretty much a whole week to get yourself prepared with a decent outfit. On On
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