Berlin Style Trails
There is something traditionally called in Berlin the "Berlin Style Trail ". Beside in Berlin we also celebrate a stye we call "International Style" - but guess no one in the world beside Berlin Hasher does know this style either.
Berlin Style:
This kind of marking a trail is done to hold the pack together. At any check - and there should be a lot, the hare marks two trails meeting together at the next check.
Marks a check. From here the trails spreats. The FRBs have to check for the first mark of a trail and return to the check. The GM is collecting the information and to the lack of confusion finally posted it to the pack
Marks a trail for the whole pack. This is useful for very short distances between checks or when the way does not offer to have to separat ways in a reqsonable way.
Marks a trail for the fast pack. This way usually is a bit longer than the trail for the rest of the pack, and is prefered by r*nner preferint longer distance. However, to confuse the pack it might be even the essentially shorter way.
Marks a trail for the slow pack. This way usually is shorter than the trail for the fast pack. In generally it should be no longer than that a walker can make it in the same time the pack pack can make the fast pack way.
Marks a trail dead end of a trail. The pack should go back to the last crossing/junktion and check for the trail again(means find at least one blob). If there is no marked trail on that junktoin, the pack returns the junktion before and check there, and so on.
Marks a false trail. The pack has to check again from the last check. There are no restriction on how long such a false trail must not extend. However, only very thirsty hares should do those trails long!