The Berlin H3 does not have or want to have real members. We do have 'hashers' which might be considered as synonym for time-to-time-participants. Therefore the following list of hashers is not meant to be complete or covering the always changing group.
Hash HandleSince Baptisted by
Mr Bean early 90s
Lame One early 90s
Reddish early 90s
Prokoffjev early 90sMutant Monkey
Kreislauf early 90sMutant Monkey
Lobster early 90sMutant Monkey
Icebein 1996Mutant Monkey
Danish Hardcore early 90s
Viagra 1998Skippy
No Blobs 1998
Stiff Nipples 2003Lame One
Black Domina 2004Lame One
Fister 2004Lame One
Capt. Sober ????
Hot Nuts ????
Coming diplomatically ????
Save drive 2005Lame One
Hand in Horse 2004Lame One
Kiss me Kindl 2004Lame One
Sperminator 2004Lame One
Petrified 2005??